System 2 CH only

Rogue Cronus Mag II, Schiit Yggdrasil A2, Clearaudio Emotion CMB Satisfy carbon, Fritz Carrera Be, Sound Anchor Custom Stands Phoenix Falcon Power Supply, AT33PTG II, PWT Transport, Phoenix Falcon Power Supply WyWires Juice II PC's WyWires "Litespd" Digital Coax Cable Platinum AES Balanced from Trans to DAC WyWires "Silver Series" ,SC, Interconnects Wireworld mini Electra PC on Bluesound Node 2i Oyaide d+ USB class A USB cable but now eliminated USB BS all together. Extras: Belden 8402 interconnects SE and balanced and Duelund 16GA speaker SE Mogami 2549 Duelund 16ga SC, and 20ga interconnects not as good as the 8402 Lifeatec Silflex glass Toslink if needed Brickwall line filter Maestro Power Outlets MG Room Tunes, GIK 244 bass traps 6 of them whole room is treated. Treat your room!
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