Speaker Competition at Parts Express (Aug 5, 2022)

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Is anyone going to the speaker competition at Parts Express near Dayton, OH this evening?  Had I thought about it I would have posted this a week or two ago.

For those not familiar with it, Parts Express hosts a speaker competition for DIY speaker builders once a year.  It's usually accompanied with a huge summer tent/warehouse sale, which they aren't having this year.  I assumed that was because of Covid but seems weird they would go ahead with the speaker competition, which is indoors.

Anyway, there is a panel of 5 or 6 judges who evaluate each speaker pair and grade them on various attributes.  Each speaker builder typically gets up and gives a brief description of their speaker and design goal.  If you're a speaker geek, and who here isn't, it's interesting and fun.  The competition is typically broken out into 3 different speaker classes, based upon cost.  I don't remember the specific breakdown but the more expensive speakers are evaluated on Friday night and the less expensive ones on Saturday, which is an all day affair because of the number of speakers in that category.

Parts Express is nearly in my back yard, being 25 minutes from my house.  People come from all over the globe (there is typically someone from Europe and someone from Asia) to attend and/or compete, although the typical turnout (in 2019) was probably 60-70 people.  I've attended for nearly the last 10 years and it's grown each year.

Is anyone here going?

Yog Sothoth

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Re: Speaker Competition at Parts Express (Aug 5, 2022)
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I sure wish I was closer to it (I'm on the West coast, literally), as I would love to attend!

I'm sure we expect a full report!


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Re: Speaker Competition at Parts Express (Aug 5, 2022)
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Wish I could go, but I am also on the West coast.

I've watched plenty of videos on YT from previous competitions. I wish they made more of an effort to video much more of the competition and entries, with more interviews with the designers.

Why is this thread in the Music subforum? Probably should be in the Lab or the Enclosures subforum. Just asking... :)