Evolution DAC - missing trigger output

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Evolution DAC - missing trigger output
« on: 28 Jul 2022, 12:28 pm »
Since recently I am a proud new owner of the fabulous Evolution STA Amp.
I currently pair it with my beloved IDA-16 but am planning on moving up to a dedicated DAC/Preamp where the Evolution DAC seems the obvious choice.

As the Evolution STA is not remote controllable the on/off is only to be set by manual trigger on the amp or the trigger cable.

Hence my question: Will the Evolution DAC receive a trigger out in a "MK2" version? Or is anything new planned to succeed the Evolution DAC which includes a trigger out?
I am open to suggestions for which DAC/Preamp (providing trigger functionality) is best to pair with the Evolution STA amplifier

Thank you for your opinions - Chris


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Re: Evolution DAC - missing trigger output
« Reply #1 on: 31 Jul 2022, 09:39 pm »
Yes, I agree with you, that it is very strange, that the evolution dac does not provide trigger out.
And as the evolution sta does not react to a remote control unit as the amg sta did, we have to find another way to turn it on.
Of course you may use the manual power on/off, or maybe use another device to do the job.
My system is the evolution sta and dac, amg pra and stream-9. And actually, the stream-9 has trigger out capability!
And the stream-9 has a remote control unit. And also a very good streamer.

The evolution sta is a very good amp, and the evolution dac is an extremely good dac, for the first time I find digitally based music played through the evolution dac sounds natural and more alive (analog), so I will recommend the evolution dac as the obvious partner to the evolution sta, even it does not provide trigger out.


Re: Evolution DAC - missing trigger output
« Reply #2 on: 2 Aug 2022, 12:27 pm »
Dear Lars
Thank you for your thoughts.
Switching the EVO STA with the streamer is not a viable option for me. I have more than "just" the streamer connected to my system. Currently this is a Squeezebox for internet radio as well as the optical connection from the TV playing all AV content.
Therefore I really need a soltuion where the DAC/PreAmp is in control of the EVA STA - which I agree is a wonderful piece of Hi-Fi equipment. I love it's natural, neutral sound and the additional grip it provides to my set-up.


Re: Evolution DAC - missing trigger output
« Reply #3 on: 3 Aug 2022, 01:49 pm »
Have you considered using a smart power socket? You can use an App to turn on the components.
This highly rated device can provide a trigger out for your DAC: https://www.amazon.com/Bobwire-Trigger-Compatible-ChromeCast-Amplifiers/dp/B07QS89MZG/


Re: Evolution DAC - missing trigger output
« Reply #4 on: 3 Aug 2022, 09:11 pm »
Dear Jason
Thank you for your reply.
A smart power socket is not my preferred option as I did invest quite substationally in the power/electricity side of my set-up.
The proposed triger thing from amazon looks like an option - but I would rather know if a trigger circuit will be available to the Evolution DAC or alike in a newer version instead of adding aother box and wall-wart to my beloved system.
I am really fond of "your" gear and love my current set-ups with Nuprime and integrated, power amps and the switch. It feels like I have arrived at the end of my multi decade journey towards the perfect sound for me.


Re: Evolution DAC - missing trigger output
« Reply #5 on: 3 Aug 2022, 09:56 pm »
If and when we have Evo DAC2, we will include trigger out. But we can't just add a trigger out to the existing Evo DAC.