iOS/Android app with WiFi/IR remote control accessory seeking feedback

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Most of our customers own more than one product, and we have been getting request from dealers to come up with a system remote.
Some of our competitors have an all-in-one IR remote control that has Preamp, CD, DAC, etc selection buttons, followed by all the buttons for all possible functions from all the components. This kind of physical system remote usually works for a series. So for customers who own products in different series, you would need more system remotes.

In our opinion, an iOS/Android app based remote control is more versatile and user friendly.  You can hide those products that you do not own. You select the product to show only its control panel instead of looking at a physical remote full of buttons. The mobile phone transmit the command to an IR blaster via Bluetooth BLE. We can update the app to improve the remote control UI, add new products.

This system remote will be sold separately, each product still comes with its own IR remote. Which type of remote (old school lots of buttons physical remote or mobile phone app based remote) ?

Eisener Bart

 iOS/Android app will be more advanced.