Is there a Digital Isolation Transformer on CDT-10?

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Is there a Digital Isolation Transformer on CDT-10?
« on: 23 Jun 2022, 12:47 pm »
I paired my CDT-10 with a Denafrips Pontus II to great effect, using the 12S output. Some Pontus II owners have complained about intermittent clicks / pops with various sources - I haven't had that issue.

Alvin Chee of Denafrips explained that some CDTs/streamers suffer a "lack of Digital Isolation Transformer @ the digital output stage of the streamer/CDT", which could be causing the clicks / pops, see the following thread: Chee in part says,
We have some Cambridge Audio streamer/CDT users reported they experience the micro-skipping in their system.

Here is a internal picture of the Cambridge CXC (photo from the web), you can see that the digital output is connected to the main board with a jumper cable and there doesn't seem to have an isolation chipset.

We suspect that the pops/click could be induced due to a non-isolated digital output signal that is transmitted to the DAC.
Such digital output may be prone to higher jitter and electrical interference. In the event of the digital signal stream being affected by the EMI/EMF, the signal will be loss/distorted, hence, micro-skipping may occurs.

Can anyone confirm that the CDT-10 has a digital isolation transformer / something similar? Identify the part?