Evo DAC and PRA-9X

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Evo DAC and PRA-9X
« on: 6 Jun 2022, 06:49 pm »
I wasn't sure of recommending PRA-9X with Evo DAC until I confirmed with our chief engineer.  I know the Evo series customers have high expectation so is PRA-9X good enough? The answer is YES.
PRA-9X turns out to be an exceptional preamp that we can wholeheartedly recommend it with Evo DAC.  Once in a blue moon, we over designed something like PRA-9X and it becomes a giant killer.

I won't say the same for STA-9X and Evo DAC pair.  Only the Evo STA or Evo One are suitable for Evo DAC.  Evo STA can also go with AMG DAC if you prefer the AMG DAC sound.