fine thread 7/16" nut

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Bob Stark

fine thread 7/16" nut
« on: 14 May 2022, 08:36 pm »
I need a couple fine thread 7/16" nuts to fasten RCA connectors on my Nuforce Ref 9 monos.  One of the plastic nuts cracked.  I need ones that won't preferably(like steel), however, I would like a couple that are just like what was on there if that is all there is.  I would think these nuts would need to be fairly thin so the RCA will fit all the way on.

Thank you,

Dieterle Tool

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Re: fine thread 7/16" nut
« Reply #1 on: 15 May 2022, 03:17 pm »
Greetings Bob,

 I don't have a Nuforce here to verify but a standard 7/16 jam nut, fine thread is 20 thd/in and are about a 1/4" thick. However, there are panel nuts and they are 7/16-28, most likely what you have.

Here is a link...

I was surprised your RCA threads are so large, I checked one I have on hand, then googled a similar, it looks like they are 5/16-32 (which is a bastard, fine thread).

Have a look here...

Not sure if any of that helps, if not, McMaster is still a good resource to hunt around.



Re: fine thread 7/16" nut
« Reply #2 on: 15 May 2022, 10:48 pm »
Unless you are absolutely positively sure the nuts are 7/16 fine thread, I would take the amp to Ace Hardware because they have dozens of nut drawers with all sizes, even metric.
Once you know what will fit then you can decide on the material: brass, steel, nylon, fiber, etc.

Sounds like the beginning of a tweak thread.

Bob Stark

Re: fine thread 7/16" nut
« Reply #3 on: 16 May 2022, 01:56 pm »
Thank you for the help, Dieter.

I will look into both options you mentioned.  I really like the Cardas female RCA connector.  I am not a fan of the female connector on the Nuforce.  It has the spiral brass that runs on the outside of the barrel of the connector.  It causes hum unless you can find just the right twist of the RCA plug that makes the hum stop.  I'd like to get rid of both os the female RCA connectors on the Nuforce mono amps.  I'd much rather have a metal type rather than plastic which is very fragile if you over tighten.


And thank you, WGH.  I've been to Ace and they didn't have what I need.