Seven new Editor's Choice awards in March, 2019 The Absolute Sound !

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Seven of our products received Editor's Choice Awards in the current March, 2019 issue of The Absolute Sound.

I wonder if this is some kind of a record?   

I would suggest that this shows that Audio by Van Alstine knows what we are doing with all audio technologies; vacuum tube (3 awards), solid state (2 awards) and hybrid (2 awards) and power ratings from 60W/Ch to 850W/Ch.  All achieved by excellent electrical engineering, no botique or magic parts or wires used at all, and all at real world rational prices.

Here they all are, with links to each.

AVA SET 120 solid state 60W/Ch power amplifier. $899

And a link to both the SET 120 and T10 RB as reviewed in The Absolute Sound.

AVA Ultravalve vacuum tube 35W/Channel power amplifier.  $1599

AVA Fet Valve 600R hybrid 300W/Ch hybrid power amplifier.  $3199

AVA DVA 850 hybrid 850W mono hybrid amplifiers.  $3699 each

AVA Transcendence 10 RB vacuum tube preamplifier.  $899

AVA Fet Valve CFR vacuum tube preamplifier.  $2099

And last, but certainly not least, our Vision Q phono preamplifier.  $499 (or a $329 option built into any new AVA preamplifier)

And of course these don't even include the new rave reviews of our Vision SET 400 225W/Ch solid state power amplifier ($1999) and Vision SET 600 600W solid state mono power ampifiers ($2699 each) in Audiophila.  Note too that in each of these reviews, the reviewer was so impressed that they purchased and kept these amplifiers for their own system long term use.

If you are still overlooking AVA audio equipment because it is not expensive enough to sound good, think again. The experts say these are just what you need.

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Congrats Frank! Still loving my 600R, but you've got me wondering if a pair of DVA 850s would be worth the upgrade. :)


Congratulations AVA!! :thumb:


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   Great news Frank. Keep up the great work. A legend I say.



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These awards come as no shock to me. I've said it for years -  AVA is at or close to the top of the heap as it concerns amplification and preamplification of any kind.  Whether it's a great approach to design, highly evolved listening, or likely both, I am counting on AVA to continue to set a standard for performance and value that few companies can even aspire to.