i84 - “Extreme value in the affordable tube-amp category”

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January 2008 issue of Affordable audio (www.affordableaudio.org)

"This small and unassuming integrated amplifier blew down my perceptions of what was possible
from an affordable valve component. Not only is the i84 deliciously engaging, it also
offers a sense of balance, tone, and detail that I’ve never encountered before from a tube
amp anywhere near its price."
- Sean Fowler

Sean - many, many thanks for your kindness and open minded very professional approach to reviewing an amplifier that you did not have high expectations of.

Mark - thank you for the follow up review and all the hard work that you put to bring us the A$$A every month.

You guys make me humble.


Boris; It was a pleasure.  You've produced one hell of a solid product for the coin.  Honestly, you've priced the i84 way too low.  Up it by a few hundred dollars and odds are it'll be taken far more seriously..  :duh: :lol:


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Great stuff, Boris!


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Congrats Boris.... couldn't happen to a nicer guy..... :beer:

Keep up the good work.... :thumb:



    Congratulation Boris. :D That is a nice sound integ-amp for the price for sure.

Take care,
Buddy :thumb:


Thanks guys, you're very generous.

Nice to hear that SET fans also find it nice-sounding  :notworthy: