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Title: Fall cleanup - does it make sense?
Post by: Audiovista on 17 Sep 2011, 11:01 pm
Found some stuff in the basement that needs to go. Please take a look at the gallery linked below... Not sure if anybody wants it...

I was thinking $40 per item, which should cover shipping throughout the US (some stuff is heavy). Except tuner, that is not worth the shipping - I will drop it with some other item, if anybody wants it.

Tube amps (receivers) were tested a couple of years ago and they worked, but needed new capacitors, distortion was horrible. Yamaha... I got it from a guy who said that it works, but I never checked (I figured I can always scavenge transformer and heatsinks). Kenwood is my old receiver, worked last time I checked 9-12 months ago. What else... transformers are custom made when I entertained an idea about Class D amplification - specs are in the caption.;area=browse;album=5950 (;area=browse;album=5950)