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Title: model i82 mk II - preliminary announcement
Post by: Audiovista on 17 Jun 2007, 05:19 pm
model i82, a.k.a. SEPCL82 (P6) is getting a redo and will become i82, mk II.


We have instituted the following changes:

- Stereo volume control (vs. separate control for each channel)
- No headphone output
- Output transformers with more interleaved layers
- 6 ohm output (we find it an acceptable compromise for both, 4 and 8 ohm speakers)
- DIRECT input for use with a preamp and MAIN input for use with its own volume control
- Modified thermal management scheme for cooler operation

Estimated availability is 4-6 weeks.

We are building 10 units for start, the rest will depend on customer demand.

Price is $380 with 5% discount for preorders.