Compact Bugle Chassis

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Compact Bugle Chassis
« on: 25 Jun 2003, 08:32 pm »
Just received this photo of a fine example (from R.M.) of how to make a very compact Bugle phono stage.

Clearly, there enough flexibility in the design for all sorts of chassis options.  I haven't heard yet of anyone fitting a board within a receiver ot integrated amplifier, but it is possible.  At least if the supply voltages are in the right range.



Compact Bugle Chassis
« Reply #1 on: 25 Jun 2003, 09:03 pm »
That's quite nice.  

I've been considering building a Bugle myself.  I enjoy a little DIY work and figured it would probably be an upgrade from my Project PhonoBox.  Any thoughts on the BUgle compared to the PhonoBox (if you've played with one before)?

I like the new powersupply 1/2 kit you added to the site.  It would be a great match for a DIY headphone amp like the META42 as well (I've already built a META42 using a PS design from  If I used my headphones more I would be tempted to build a new one with one of your PS units and a crossfeed.


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Compact Bugle Chassis
« Reply #2 on: 8 Jul 2003, 09:25 am »
do you have any more "recommended chassis" for sale? if not, is there someplace where I might find a suitable chassis?

thanks, in advance, for any assistance.

edit: I see that you can buy the chassis at digikey, along whith everything else....