A little new Daedalus fan ... Hello

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Re: A little new Daedalus fan ... Hello
« Reply #20 on: 15 Jul 2020, 10:29 pm »
Enjoy! As stated above give them time to break-in


Re: A little new Daedalus fan ... Hello
« Reply #21 on: 19 Jul 2020, 05:46 am »
I find my Poseidon's worked best about 4.75 feet away from the front wall, approximately 11.75 feet apart with no toe in as the Speakers do have tweeter offsets ( Toe in were not that great for me  got a wider soundstage without toe in. Use an spl meter to fine tune your listening levels.   My listening position is about 14 feet from the speakers  for near field critical  listening I have a chair placed about 8 feet away from the Speakers, Nirvana. it took me approximately 3/4 weeks to fine tune the speakers and about 200 hours for them to break in . In your case because of the delay I believe Lou  has already broke in the speakers .
They really do "Sing" with GR8 amps.  :thumb:

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Re: A little new Daedalus fan ... Hello
« Reply #22 on: 29 Jul 2020, 01:05 am »

I was wondering how you were fairing with your speakers coming 1/2 way across the world during the Covid crisis.

Looks like Lou let the ship set sail nicely on your maiden voyage

So good to hear they made it safe and sound. Congratulations

Dial in your positioning, when it’s viable -  listen with the grills off.

Is your cable broken in?

Daedalus speakers are very resolving, revealing and true to what signal they are fed.

I just updated my dac in response to what I was hearing
Now my digital front end sounds analog!

Based on my experiences with the Apollo 11s and the  Ulysses they are sensitive to any component, cable, the room and especially source material that is lacking. Don’t worry it doesn’t take much = mostly attention to detail to optimize your sound

They are not intended to wow you in a show room = but rather engage you in a most natural way.

Lou absolutely nailed that.

You will find yourself lost in the music all evening not quickly suffering from listener fatigue After a few cds.

I am about 300 hours into my journey and in awe of what I am hearing with The 11’s
I have been wowed by my Ulysses the last 5 years And this has taken things to a whole new level

All the best in your journey

It would be useful to hear your insights. System, and room details, a few photos give good inght and what music you like listening to


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Re: A little new Daedalus fan ... Hello
« Reply #23 on: 30 Jul 2020, 05:35 pm »
The Apollos 11 traveled by plane, Lou was very intelligent and knew how to take advantage of a window to allow this shipment for a very short period where covid 19 was a little less fierce. You really have to be very careful.
I take pleasure in listening to these magnificent loudspeakers, I will do an analysis in several parts, so much there is to say. I don't know if the Apollos are running in or if it's my ears that acclimatize to Daedalus, but it's getting better and better. I will write to you this fall. A small preview photo of the system (we are not in the final room which will be larger). You will notice that my head is straight again, the photo is in the right position!
Thanks everyone.


Re: A little new Daedalus fan ... Hello
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This may be a question with an obvious answer but, was installing the speaker DIDs a 2 person job, or did you find a way to insert them by yourself. If by yourself can you give me a sense of how you did it. I want to get a set fro my Argos but I am a one person house and with Covid not looking for visitors masked or not


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Re: A little new Daedalus fan ... Hello
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I was on my own to take them out of the boxes and put them in place and I can give you a technique that works well without committing the least shock to these magnificent cabinets.
To take them out of the box, you have to lay the box on the floor, back side against the ground, unblock the bottom of the box, put the box upright and remove the box by lifting it upwards gently.
Then, you have to lay the speaker face behind on the floor placed on a very thick fabric and pull this fabric to the location then lift the speakers gently.
Finally, if you have SPIDs, you put the speakers upright on a large wedge, aim for the spikes and then you tilt the speaker a little to remove the wedge and you just have to adjust the plumb and the orientation.


Re: A little new Daedalus fan ... Hello
« Reply #26 on: 30 Jul 2020, 10:34 pm »
Thanks Sebastien,  I will order the dids and try the wedge technique


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Re: A little new Daedalus fan ... Hello
« Reply #27 on: 30 Jul 2020, 10:46 pm »
If you have a friend handy try just leaning them forward or back or side to side to mount spikes and SPIDS.  I spent time on placement  before the spikes as it gets harder to move them around.



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Re: A little new Daedalus fan ... Hello
« Reply #28 on: 30 Jul 2020, 11:12 pm »
On my smaller speakers (Muse) I was able to tilt one sideways, and fit 2 spikes on the raised side. Then I tilted it the other was to put on the other spikes. I repeated that procedure with the SPIDs, taking care to center them under the points of the spikes.

Moving the speakers with the spikes/SPIDs underneath, on my carpet takes a careful touch, with frequent re-adjusting of the moving parts.


Re: A little new Daedalus fan ... Hello
« Reply #29 on: 31 Jul 2020, 12:04 am »
I Like Sebastien's technique,
My Poseidon weigh the same 120 Lbs  height 51.5" 16" deep except  Apollo are 15 " wide the Poseidon's are 11 " wide I did more or less the same as what Sebastien did, except when I packed them it was a little  different I used 2 thick blankets than had my son hold the coffee table with both his hands and layed then on the back side since I have stands on those not DID s. Once I got the stands off ! had two more blankets on the carpet in the living room took the inside material that came with the boxes and taped them to hold them in place . the ceiling  in my formal  room ( not my living room where they speakers are normally place is only 9' ) is about 14/15 feet so it was easy to slip the  boxes over the inside packing  . But then once again had my son help me lay the boxes on the side so i could tape them . Lifted them back again on a hand truck & brought them into the garage , sprayed the boxes with sanitizer .
Unbelievable as it may sound the FedEx young man who was short and pretty stocky just lifted each box ! (125 lbs each )over his shoulder and place them in a truck  :thumb: :popcorn:
hope this helps anyone who maybe in the process of doing this !



Re: A little new Daedalus fan ... Hello
« Reply #30 on: 25 Aug 2020, 07:02 pm »
I received my speaker DIDs today after a little hick-up with the PO delivery. I went to HomeDepot and bought a WINBAG MAX pump it up wedge.  I placed a thin board on the floor under the speaker to give a little extra height, rested the WINBAG on top of that and then  pumped the WINBAG up under my Argos. Speaker rocked a little but I was able to hold it on the side with one hand and rest the front of the speaker against me while I  put the DIDs in place on the rear first with my free hand and then easily put the DIDs in place in the front.


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« Reply #31 on: 25 Nov 2020, 04:58 pm »
Try to put it with good source, you will got more soundstage and airy.
I connected with my wadia, the sound was pure clean, sweat and good bass. Especially I like female vocal with the Little.
The little is the winner at this price.
Nice Day