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Title: Super 3i+subwoofer or CAMs?
Post by: edwardsean on 8 May 2021, 03:37 am
I'm currently running Super 3is I which I really adore. However, I do want to move up to better sound and I know that I'm especially missing low end.

I'm not looking for thumping bass but a fuller range, without losing the sensational high end of the 3is.

Would I be better off upgrading to the CAMs or keeping the 3is and adding a subwoofer?
Title: Re: Super 3i+subwoofer or CAMs?
Post by: OmahawkSCM on 16 May 2021, 02:28 am
I cannot directly answer your question because I don't own/haven't even heard CAMs. However, I have had 3 + subwoofer for just over 8 years. The sub is a Rhythmic F12. I have an inexpensive Musical Paradise MP-301 tube amp.

I have questioned whether I should move to other Omega offerings. I'm sure they could sound better (or different, if anything), but part of the magic comes from knowing that I only spent less than $500 and they sound amazing. Easily the best (relative) bargain in all of my audio purchases.

I have removed the sub a few times and tried to convince myself that I could like without it. However, it always makes it's way back into the system.