Small stereo system., a Two-channel Audio System by Guy 13

Room Size
12' X 26' X 9'
System Overview
My last system before I kick the bucket !
Music Preferences
All except country and heavy metal rock.
Room Description
Reinforced concrete everywhere, ceramic tiles floor.
Acoustic Treatment
None other than three curtains, thick carpet, sofa and some furniture and frames on walls. I wish I could afford some room treatment, especially bass traps.
Listening Impressions
Good, getting older and poorer financially makes me less demanding.
Media Storage
No real one except: CDs in carton box. Lps leaning against the wall.
Other Comments
Really my last system, in my life I have spent too much money trying to get the best of the best.
Digital Source
Rega Apollo CD player
Analog Source
Rega P3 turntable with re-tipped Rega Exact mm cartridge. PCR linear arm that will fit directly w/o modification in place of the RB301
Other Sources
Foot taping...When the analog or digital source plays.
Signal Processors
What is that?
No need, but would sure like a Decware Zstage.
Power Amp
Decware SE84C+ 2wpc SET (Sovtek 5AR4-Electro Harmonic 6922 - Electro Harmonic EL84) Not in use: Niteshade Audio NS-10 6L6 pentode SE
DIY OB dipole. Omega 7F Mids & hi: Omaga 7F extended range driver.
H frame Open baffle dipole 2X 12" Eminence Acoustinator with GR Research 250 watts plate amplifier.
Speaker Cable
Signal Audio 14ga OFC wires directly from driver to amplifier, no binding posts.
Signal Audio OFC, Signal Audio Silver and my own brew.
Power Cables
Original that came with the units, but was cut as short as possible to avoid tangling.
Sennheiser HD-650 Powered by a Bottlehead Crack. Sennheiser HD-570 for iPod.
IKEA modified with a shelve to support the Rega Apollo
Power Cond
PI Audio Majik Buss
Tuning and Tweaks
Marble base for the amplifier. Wood and marble base for the turntable.
Other Components
Bottlehead Crack headphone amplifier with NOS RCA 6080/RCA 6AS7G and RCA 12AU7 clear top