MASSACHUSETTS: Saturday October 26th 2013 - The Fall FrankenFest in Clinton MA

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Posted on behalf of the organizer w1jim :

Saturday October 26th 2013 -
The Fall FrankenFest in Clinton MA

A get-together from your friends here in the New England / Boston Metro area

Saturday October 26th - The Fall FrankenFest in Clinton MA

New England Fall Frankenfest Saturday October 26th in Clinton MA

Back to our customary location at Franks shop
55 Sterling Street
Clinton Ma 01510

Just over the railroad tracks.

We need to be careful about parking - we don't want to use the lot across the street but we can park in front (as usual) and there is a lot around back on Parker Street (see map).

As usual we'll start around 11AM and we'll go until around 6-7PM.

These events are going quite well with people taking more responsibility for bringing food and cleaning up afterwards. Let's keep that up!

The swap / sell / freebee tables will be a given as usual and people can bring their favorite toys and systems to set up.

This year we'll be setting up some critical listening areas on the second floor as we discussed at the winter GTG - there should be 2 areas up there we can utilize.

On the main floor we'll have the swap area in the hallway, listening back behind the "Laser area" and possibly some other areas - depending on availability.

Just take your unsold treasure home with you, don't load Frank's dumpster.

Please spread the word to anyone and everyone in the New England area to attend.

All that is required is an obsessive interest in all things audio - that's our common bond.
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It looks like there is one coming up again this coming weekend. Anybody going?


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Hi Stereocilia,

I'm thinking about driving up from the Hartford area if the weather permits.  I have been wanting to attend one for a couple of years now.  If I am lucky...



I've never been to one myself, but there's a good chance I'll be able to make it.


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I am thinking I can be up there by the early afternoon.  Let's hope for good weather and a good turnout.  I am  hoping to listen to some headphones if there are any.  Also, I want to bring a pair of Advent speakers that need some work in the hopes of getting some direction.




ugh. I don't think I'm going to make it for unforeseen reasons. It's always something  :icon_frown: