Paring M4's with my current amp (Marantz PM-68)

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Paring M4's with my current amp (Marantz PM-68)
« on: 7 Oct 2017, 12:16 am »

I am looking to start improving my listening setup. To start I am planning to get a pair of the Spatial Hologram M4.

My current amp is a Marantz PM-68. Its in solid shape and has been doing a good job for me. My concern is the M4s are 4 ohm impedance. It looks like the PM-68 can handle that (and supports a variable level of impedance (8 ohm and 4 ohm) but I’m a bit new to this level of audio gear and so wanted to ask here and get advice and thoughts from more knowledgeable people.

So my specific questions are:

1. Will this amp work and pair alright with the Spatial M4s?

2. I want to ensure this won't cause any damage to the speakers especially (or just burn the amp out)

I do understand the M4s are deserving of higher grade amplification. Over time my plan is to upgrade to a better amp; but both for cost reasons and for learning reasons I would prefer to keep my PM-68 for a while. Because when I upgrade my amplification I'd like to take a significant step up. And, in terms of learning I want to enjoy this process and really gain understanding through actual listening time. So ideally, I'd like to add a component at at time and do some listening before upgrading another.

I realize I'm a bit new to this and my understanding is that the AMPs can deal with lower ohm rating on the speakers (as long as they have enough power). But, I'm totally open to any info and ideas.

Thanks in advance, Richard

Additional note for detail: after looking for info I could find on the internet I see:

From the PM-68 Service Manual:

Power Output (class AB Operation)

   RMS 8ohms  … 95W

IHF dynamic power (class AB operation)

   8 ohms / 4 ohms / 2 ohms ….. 120 / 185 / 220 W

Having also checked reviews and specs I could find online


190W+190W (4ohms)
150W+150W (6ohms)
100W+100W (8ohms)

There are other sources out there and they show slightly different specs but all list support for 8 ohm and 4 ohm output.


Re: Paring M4's with my current amp (Marantz PM-68)
« Reply #1 on: 8 Oct 2017, 07:01 pm »
You shouldn't have any issues with the Marantz amp. The sensitivity of the M4s would almost guarantee that you wouldn't be overdriving them with your amp to the point that they'd "burn out". At 4ohm output, you have 55W/Ch with the Marantz which should be more than enough. And the fact that you're selecting the M4 implies you'd be placing them in a relatively small-to-medium sized room. Hopefully that is the case and this should be a decent pairing until you get the itch to upgrade. :)