"A Question of Noise" Bugle + integrated power supply

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Hello All,

I have a Bugle and power supply that were built in one enclosure.  It is set up for moving coil use.

I am starting to transcribe LPs to flac for my music server system, and find that there seems to be some noise in my recordings, both analogue and digital.

I am using an Empire 698 with a Denon 301MkII.  I have gone through the turntable to assure myself that the low frequency component of the noise isn't rumble and the noise doesn't seem to be from the cart or interconnects, since I see it on the scope with nothing connected...

Maybe I am doing something wrong.  I am looking at the output of the Bugle on a Tektronix dual trace scope with no connection to the input.  There is a low freq ripple that seems to be about 1½ mv (peak to peak) and some high freq noise that is too small to measure (my guess ¼ mv), but is clearly there.

Should I be shorting the inputs while testing? or loading them with a resistor?

My Bugle was built with DigiKey parts, including the caps... should I just replace them all (caps) with some higher quality ones?

Any suggestions you may have would be gladly accepted.



Re: "A Question of Noise" Bugle + integrated power supply
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Yes, short the inputs for an "added noise" measurement.  It sounds like you have some residual hum induction.  There will also be a broadband noise component.  Best way to figure out what is going on is to listen to it (the noises).