"All Will Be Well In CornetLand"

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"All Will Be Well In CornetLand"
« on: 19 Dec 2003, 11:42 pm »

I had my share elation and despair from using the Cornet.  The elation is from how good the Cornet sounds and knowing you did it yourself.  Despairs mainly my fault of misreading parts and my unquenching desire to "mod" the Cornet.  Right now, my Cornet is dead.  I, for the second time substituted a wrong cap value for "C-8" and screwed the RIAA and gain in the process.  Alas, tonight, I'll be receiving more botique parts (Orange drops, Auricaps, Panasonic caps) hence I will perform my final modtweak and I promised myself after this I'll leave the Cornet alone. Ah, All will be well in CornetLand.  Have a great weekend everyone and
keep those "black-round thingies" spinning.