Upgrading the clock on HagUSB?

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Upgrading the clock on HagUSB?
« on: 15 Mar 2007, 08:24 pm »
My appologies if this topic has been discussed before. 

I am using HagUSB in my AudioNote Kit DAC 2.1.  USB inputs sounds great as it coveys bettersense of sound stage and more details than my Arcam CDP used as a transport.  However, I can not help but to think how the sound may be improved if I were to upgrade the 12Mhz quarts on the board.

Would Hagclock work as an upgrade to HagUSB?  Any other advise, suggestions, or opinions ?



Re: Upgrading the clock on HagUSB?
« Reply #1 on: 16 Mar 2007, 12:45 am »
You could try the HAGCLOCK, it certainly runs very well at 12MHz, but the issue is that it requires two supplies you don't have.  In order to isolate computer and audio system grounds, the HAGUSB uses that very expensive output SPDIF tranny.  And the USB only has 5V (kinda dirty, which is why it gets filtered and linear regulated down to 3.3V).

So to do this, you would have to add a +/-12V supply referenced to the power supply ground, and completely isolated galvanically from the audio ground.  Very possible, but it takes a bit of work.