Teres owner on the Hagerman Cornet phono...

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Teres owner on the Hagerman Cornet phono...
« on: 23 Jul 2003, 01:05 pm »
I subscribe to the Teres mailing list and I notice a regular poster had this to say about the Cornet pre.  Hope this is kosher to repost but I don't think he'd mind.

Teres folks:
       These lists have been pretty quiet lately, so I thought I'd stir
up a bit.
       Five days ago I completed a Hagerman Cornet phono pre. I've only got
about 30 hours on it, but it was great on first firing it up, even with some
NOS Jensens I snagged on Bay. Absolutely NO noise, cranked to the max.
       It's the most revealing and dynamic phono stage I've had in my system,
including Grodinsky, NAD, Lehman Black Cube, Audible Illusions and Audio
Research. Not a real surprise. The imaging is almost holographic, yet
pin-point. Sound stage is huge. Detail retrieval, down in the nuance
range, is superb. It's also very responsive to tube rolling, which is fun. ...