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« on: 26 Jan 2022, 01:11 am »
Jerry From California.  But I'm one of the sane ones.  Don't blame me for the things you see on TV.

I have simplified my system.  Gone from a 100 lb class A/B amp to a 14 lb tube amp driving 140 lb speakers (Tekton Encores). 

Building my own wires and doing some upgrades. 

40 years as an engineer, physicist, and DIYer. 

I'm not a flat earther but I don't fall for snake oil. 

Pro tip:  always plant endangered species on top of the impromptu grave.  Follow me for more gardening tips.

These verifications are a PITA.  Hopefully I get through them soon.

--Jerry in Carlsbad, CA


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Welcome to AudioCircle

Phil A

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Welcome Jerry! Roseville Calif here!


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Greetings & Welcome to AC Jerry   :thumb:  Yeah, but they keep the spammers out, and guys like that Rob Ott in the Progressive commercial.  :wink: