VacuTrace gets dual 300B adapter card

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VacuTrace gets dual 300B adapter card
« on: 9 Jul 2004, 07:35 pm »
A recent customer (producer of 300Bs) asked for a special VacuTrace adapter card that could analyze a pair of 300Bs or 2A3s or 45s.  So I made one.  It is very handy for finding exact matched pairs.  The stumbling block was that each triode required its own floating center-tapped 5V filament supply in order to work.  And that required adding a switched ac supply and transformers.  

Anyway, I ordered a few extra boards so I can make more.  If anyone desires such a beast, you can special order it for $195.  Specify either 5V or 2.5V filaments.

jh :)