Opamps for Bugle

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Opamps for Bugle
« on: 28 Apr 2004, 03:07 pm »
I'm playing around with a couple of Bugle phono preamps, one is mine and the other is Wayne's at Bolder.  

I was going to experiment with some opamps but thought I'd ask here to see what others have tried... if any HAVE tried...

I'm looking for as close to a tube-like smooth, natural sound as possible.  I know part of it is the cartridge but just thought I'd ask before throwing money at it.

The standard opamps that I have sound very good so, why mess with it?  I don't know.. I'd just like to get a little more openess than the stock ones.  It sounds kind of solid-state-ish...  clean but a little analytical.  The range of frequency sounds evenly presented, or neutral, which I like.

In any case, please pipe up if you've made opamp changes!