Eclectic, a Two-channel Audio System by zeke

Room Size
System Overview
Music Preferences
Blues and Jazz
Room Description
Too small ---- 10 ft. ceiling is a plus though imo --- relatively "soft" with carpet,drapes,couch, etc........
Digital Source
Audionote CD2 --Tjoeb 99 --Rotel 971 --- Technics A10 DVD ... Channel Island VDA2 dac ... Musical Design dac 1A20 ... Oppo 83se .. assort NAD cdp's..Oppo 105.. Nad 510 dac.
Analog Source
Empire Troubador 598 MK2 ..VPI HW19 Jr.
Other Sources
HHB cd burner --modded Marantz ST6000 tuner --Yamaha TX950 tuner--Parasound TDQ 1600 tuner
Audible Illusions M3..Placette Audio active -- Bryston BP25 -- Odyssey Tempest -- ..Bottlehead Foreplay 2 ..McIntosh C46 ..Mac C220..Modwright 9.0se..Modwright 36.5..Pass XP10 ..BAT ..vk20..ModWright LS100..W4s STP/SE... Rogue Perseus... DeHavilland UV3 .
Power Amp
VTL 100's-VTL 175's-Cary SLI80--Rogue 120's-Audio Note kit 1 300b-E'companiet AW180--Mac 352-Mac 402-Mac 501's--Burgess 2A3/45--Pass F3 clone--Pass X150.5--BAT VK300xse.--Belles 150A Ref V2--Rogue Cronus--Modwright KWA100..Musical Design T100--Rogue Atlas
Newform R645--Legacy Sig 3's--Chapman T7's --Coincident Tech. Triumph Sig.'s--Alon Petites --GR Research Paradox 3 --Audio Note kit 03.. Altec vott A7--Tekton Lores--Vapor Audio Stiff Breeze--GR Research XLS Encores. Omega ..
ACI Titan 2 LE --- GR Research/Rythmik servo subs
Speaker Cable
DH labs -- Music Meter -- Nordost -- Signal Cable Utra ...
DH labs -- Music Meter -- Signal Cable silver ... Nordost
Power Cables
Sonic Horizon --Crump Assylum... Vanevers surge... Brickwall surge..
Lovan racks..