HiFi, a Two-channel Audio System by Zyphryx

Room Size
15’-0 x 24’-0 x 8’-0
System Overview
VPI Prime Scout, Manley Chinook phonostage, Prima Luna pre amp, Odyssey Khartago mono blocks and Focal Aria 948s
Music Preferences
Jazz, Rock, some classical
Room Description
Chopped up w/ lots of hard surfaces
Acoustic Treatment
A couple of diffusers but not much else. This is next on the list
Digital Source
Cambridge Azur streamer/DAC
Analog Source
VPI Prime Scout w/10” tone arm and VTA on the fly. Manley Chinook phonostage
Prima Luna Dialogue
Power Amp
Odyssey Khartago mono blocks w/Kismet boards
Focal Aria 948
Speaker Cable
Groneberg Quattro
Groneberg Quattro from pre amp to monos. Nordost Blue Heaven everywhere else
Power Cables
Nordost Red Dawn
Power Cond
Niagara 1200