Kismet in Khartago case question/option? Wait times?

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Klaus / AC,

I'm considering new amps and the Kismet in a Khartargo case seems like a great value.  One question - is it possible to get them without the "khartago" engraved on the front of the faceplate?  Just the simply Odyssey on the front? (would that add to the wait time, or could faceplates be ordered at the time of an order?)

Also, what would be a realistic lead time for a couple monoblocks? (I know it would be a wait, but wait is realistic?)



Re: Kismet in Khartago case question/option? Wait times?
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Klaus is generally amenable to custom requests, within reason. Best thing to do is call him in afternoon or evening hours and ask. When he tells you wait time is a month, that means two months (he's not trying to deceive you, he's just optimistic). :)