Odessey Khartago Input Impdedance Issue Question

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Odessey Khartago Input Impdedance Issue Question
« on: 24 Apr 2017, 02:45 am »
I have ordered a Khartago  Stereo Extreme amp a few weeks ago. There is a 8-9 week wait for the amp to be made, so I have been spending this time looking at preamps. I really like the PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Preamp. I want a tube preamp to give my system a more warm sound with my new Tekton Double Impact speakers. The issue I see is on the specs on the  PrimaLuna preamp it states: ProLogue Premium is 2800 ohms: Amplifier Input Impedance needs to be 28k ohms or higher. On the Odessy Audio website, the specs show the Khartago Amp as: Input impedance 22K ohms. Has anyone ran into this with matching the Odessy amp with a preamp? I have looked at Audio Rogue, Schiit, Jolida, and Wyred4sound (not a tube but supposedly has the warmth of one). I really like the PrimaLuna better than any others I have looked at. Thanks.


Re: Odessey Khartago Input Impdedance Issue Question
« Reply #1 on: 26 Apr 2017, 02:44 pm »
I think they are quoting the rule of 8.  The input impedance if the amp should be 8 times that of the preamps output impedance to make it easier for the voltage to flow from the preamp to the amp(in the water flowing electricity analogy).  This affects something called damping factor.  But it's a very loose rule and you can safely ignore it when choosing gear. 
Edit:  unless you need to run 30 foot rca cables or something...  then you might have some. High frequency rolloff

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Re: Odessey Khartago Input Impdedance Issue Question
« Reply #2 on: 27 Apr 2017, 02:48 am »
I wouldn't say you can ignore it.  It's one of those "it all depends" situations.  You may want to follow the threads about the iFi and Tortuga "buffers".  Placed between a preamp with (relatively) high output impedance and an amplifier with (relatively) low input impedance many find their systems have more "drive" and frequency extension with a buffer.


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Re: Odessey Khartago Input Impdedance Issue Question
« Reply #3 on: 27 Apr 2017, 04:22 am »

I have used six different tube preamps and the W4S with Odyssey amps and never run in to a problem.  If you like the Primaluna buy a used one and try it.  Another option is a used Modwright.  Or if all else fails call Klaus or Alex at Odyssey and ask them, but wait until the afternoon Central time.