Fresh off of the bench

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Re: Fresh off of the bench
« Reply #40 on: 6 Jan 2023, 10:34 pm »
This is an interesting one, Aero Ag USB and Aero Ag BNC. The BNC is for a CH Precision T1 master clock to a CH Precision C1 DAC.  8) some serious front end for sure.


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Re: Fresh off of the bench
« Reply #41 on: 7 Jan 2023, 03:57 am »
Never, ever get tired of seeing what comes off of your bench  :popcorn:


Re: Fresh off of the bench
« Reply #42 on: 7 Jan 2023, 03:52 pm »
It’s a true testament that someone with that eye watering expensive digital front end chose your cables. Pretty obvious they could afford any cables on the market. Congratulations.

Don P


Re: Fresh off of the bench
« Reply #43 on: 12 Jan 2023, 11:33 pm »
I haven’t had a chance to show you all but there has been a mostly cosmetic refresh for QS cables. Gone are the heat shrink arrow indicators near the barrels. They’re replaced with the sexy new silver decals. Also the new version uses a much nicer and better shielding quality Mylar layer making the QS shimmer.  8)

Last but not least, these ones have the new hotness from KLE the Perfect Harmony connectors. All I can say is WOW! Smoother more organic while retaining the same detail of the Absolutes. A worthwhile upgrade for sure. These are going out for eval to an AC member.  8)


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Re: Fresh off of the bench
« Reply #44 on: 13 Jan 2023, 01:15 am »
I have really gotta rub the coins together to get a USB and headphone cable from you.  Just love your work.


Re: Fresh off of the bench
« Reply #45 on: 3 Mar 2023, 05:31 pm »
Going out today! I haven’t posted the last few just out of forgetfulness on my part, but this set I remembered before boxing things up.  :lol:

2 Aero Ag BNC and one Aero Ag USB. This has been a theme lately, a lot of folks are using the BCA cables for either proprietary BNC interfaces with with streamers and DACs or they’re using them for clocks. I really love the AECO BNC connectors. An excellent design and incredible sound quality.


Re: Fresh off of the bench
« Reply #46 on: 7 Mar 2023, 09:18 pm »
Keep on rolling! Aero Cu USB went out yesterday. Every Aero cable is made by hand. It is a meticulous process that takes several days to make. From polishing to installing the shield, the entire process is done in-house.

And going out today. This is a theme lately! Dual Aero BNC for a proprietary clocking system. A lot of folks using this sort of setup it seems. I’m curious to hear what experience you folks have with such a rig.

Thanks to the folks who share their experiences. It’s what helps spread the word on Hapa Audio.


Re: Fresh off of the bench
« Reply #47 on: 28 Mar 2023, 05:45 pm »
This went out last week to an AC reviewer:

2 pair of Ember RCA. One set at 2 meters. It’s been a while since I’ve posted any Ember builds. It might be time for another tour for them.  :green:

Got another build I’ll post later. This one is unique.


Re: Fresh off of the bench
« Reply #48 on: Yesterday at 08:23 pm »
I’ve been very happy with KnØt FS for most of my listening needs. For headphones it’s literally the best I know how to make. However when I’m on the go, I’ve wanted something more compact and easier to carry. I would normally use KnØt IEM for my IEM headphones, however for my Meze Lirics this design is less than ideal. I needed something “fatter” in physical design for the Y section of the cable without being gigantic like KnØt FS. I think this solution is both beautiful and sonically exceptional!

This is the first of a kind potentially. KnØt in a compact form for full sized headphones for portability. The beads are pure titanium hand made by a titanium beadmaker in Ukraine. I order them custom sometimes for clients if they want a look that is 100% unique. These ones are anodized to have that gorgeous iridescent verdigris and lavender color variation that changes when viewed from different angles.

I want to post more on KnØt and why it stands at the apex of headphone cable designs. Stay tuned.  :popcorn: