Chad's evolving system, a Two-channel Audio System by chadh

the twins
Room Size
15 x 12 x 8
System Overview
The picture is out of date: much has changed. I've tried to take the coherence of the single driver speakers and mate them with an innovative system for bass reproduction. An active crossover (at 100 Hz, with 24dB/octave slopes) integrates the two. I've also introduced SET amplification, a passive LDR attenuator and a wonderful new non-oversampling USB DAC.
Music Preferences
Small combo jazz, electric blues, classic rock and early choral music.
Room Description
An absolute shambles.
Acoustic Treatment
I suspect my wife would send me for psychiatric treatment before she allowed any acoustic treatment.
Media Storage
I have around 500 CDs stored away in slappa carry cases. The majority of these CDs have been ripped to an external hard drive, where the music is stored in flac format and served to my USB DAC.
Digital Source
dB Labs Tranquility Dac
DIY Audio Eva 2 Passive Attenuator
Power Amp
Music Reference EM7 (5w), sporting a pair of 13EM7 tubes on the main drivers, Rotel RB981 on the subwoofers
Omega Super 3 XRS (with the original Fostex drivers)
Audiokinesis Swarm
Speaker Cable
Aural Thrills Audio: Bass Boss and Black Axiom 2
Power Cables
Bolder Cables Nitro and Iron Lung Jellyfish
Ikea-lyte (spiked and stacked Ikea lack end tables)
Other Components
Music Reference/Beveridge RM3 active crossover - sporting 4th order Linkwitz-Riley crossover at 100 Hz.