AV/C why does it work?

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Al Garay

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AV/C why does it work?
« on: 23 Jan 2003, 03:40 pm »
Do you have the AV/C center channel? Are you happy with it?

I don't pretend to understand speaker design. MTM according to some, is not supposed to be a recommended design for center channel.  I, for one, have heard Darren Thomas' HT system with 4 AV1+, AV/C center and Adire Tempest subwoofer. It not only looks awesome. It sounds extremely good too ... as good as the $5k + M&K HT system I heard for home theater and kicks it behind when it comes to music. So, I recommend Danny's AV series for combined use.

Just curious why the darn thing (MTM or not) works? You might want to go over to http://www.madisound.com/cgi-bin/discuss.cgi?rev=233405 and voice your opinion. Bill is looking for a quality center channel. Jim Holtz is a good guy and knows much more about speaker design than I do. I don't mind disagreeing with him.

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AV/C why does it work?
« Reply #1 on: 23 Jan 2003, 04:17 pm »
If you notice in the AV/C the tweeter is not "centered" between the mids, it is more off to the side (or top if used horizontally).  Therefore it does not have all the problems of a typically MTM on its side.

Brian Bunge

AV/C why does it work?
« Reply #2 on: 23 Jan 2003, 08:35 pm »
It has to do with the center to center distance of the two woofers.  This frequency who's wavelength corresponds to this distance is the point at which comb filtering will start occur.  It's also affected by the crossover point that is used.  Most MTM's have the woofers much further away than the A/V-1+'s do.  And Danny is using a fairly low crossover point so the off axis response is much better than a standard MTM.

Also, the AV/C is simply designed this way so that you can put the port on the front if the speaker has to be placed inside a cabinet.  That's why the tweeter is offset.  The woofers aren't any closer together than in the standard A/V-1+.  If the speaker doesn't have to be placed inside a cabinet, Danny much prefers the standard design with the port in the back even for center channel use.

BTW, my dad is using 3 identical A/V-1+'s across the front and they sound wonderful together! :)

Danny Richie

I responded...
« Reply #3 on: 23 Jan 2003, 08:38 pm »
I responded to this in the Mad forum since that is where the question origianally came from. Here is the just of it.

This has to do with the center to center spacing (distance) of drivers and how far off axis one has to be for one to begin to cancel the other one.

However this is not common to all MTM designs.

The A/V-1+ suffers little from this problem, and it makes an excellent center channel speaker.

Several years ago Thorsten posted some info from Mithat F. Konar about off axis problems.


Unfortunately his link is no longer good.

I responded to it as did Edp.

I also posted info in a rebuttal to that argument.


The info can be sen here: http://www.angelfire.com/tx2/grresearch/mtm.htm

Pictures and actual measurements are there as well.