Crossovers for CDM1NT

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Crossovers for CDM1NT
« on: 15 Mar 2023, 11:13 pm »
I've watched the review and test numbers that Danny has posted...but what about the real sound? Has anyone done the upgrade and care to comment? Night and day? Worth the $$?



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Re: Crossovers for CDM1NT
« Reply #1 on: 17 Mar 2023, 05:32 am »
I have assembled alot of Gr Research crossover upgrade kits for clients. I do assembly of the crossover but sometimes I have people sending me their speakers new or used to have the upgrade installed. In my opinion any upgrades you do to a speaker crossover to replace mediocre parts  and change them to better ones
will be significant, the Re designs of the crossover I have heard especially in the Klipsch lines, Sony, Sonus Faber etc. Is a big improvement from stock. I know its hard to wrap your head around how parts quality changes and improves sonics but you really have to try in person to experience.

I have had the same experience even before moving here  to the U.S. from Asia. Even my distributors there are always open to upgrading parts. I hope you have a fun journey🙂👍✌️. Thank you