Intro - JohnVII

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Intro - JohnVII
« on: 12 Mar 2023, 08:44 pm »
Hello-   Middle Ages dude here!   Started out with my first system back in college I think a receiver and some Infiniti Kapa 7.1.  Over the years then got into my Dunlavy and Audio Research separates, lots of different products in that range.  Got tired of the chasing quit the hobby.   Got back into it two years ago with some active Buchardt A700’s live them.   Then just recently saw some vr7 hse that I’d like and have a few. ?    Thanks!


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Re: Intro - JohnVII
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Welcome to AC  :thumb:
Some Circles of interest you may like>
The Fullrange Driver Circle:
The Open Baffle Circle:
The Tube Amps Circle>

DIY project from a member Eminence Alpha15A + 4.7mH + Visaton B200:

Decware OB with the Lii Audio F15 driver:

If one have a woodworker is possible try the Lii Audio F15($399/Pair) 97dB/8Ω and benign impedance curve suited to OB or Bass Reflex box or the F18($540/pair), no Crossover, no Tweeter beaming, no Phase rotation, no driver sensitivity loss, no Harmonics loss, no Retail price.

Phil A

Re: Intro - JohnVII
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Re: Intro - JohnVII
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Curious, what is drawing you to the vr7 hse from the A700?


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Re: Intro - JohnVII
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Greetings & Welcome to AC JohnVII   :thumb: