First open baffle project.

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First open baffle project.
« on: 3 Dec 2022, 10:42 am »
Hi all,
Been watching this great community from afar for a while, and figured it was finally time to dip my toe into the waters of dyi.
I've seen several videos about the lii audio drivers and open baffle designs and it seems super easy to cut a whole in a board and power a single speaker   Going down the rabbit whole a little deeper,  it seems that people are  are setting these up in parallel or biamping them (for instance the fs15 with the fs10) without a crossover or any
I'm likely going to start out with something uber simple like this
Exploring further it looks like some diyers with open baffles are using a minidsp to do the eq on each driver and cross them over that way. I am wondering if this would be a good way to test out a few different drivers together before actually attempting to design a hardware crossover. Really want to experiment a bit and it seems that these woofer panels can be pretty module if you attach them to a frame.
I have a emotiva xpa 5 gen 2 that I'm not using, and my brother in law has kindly volunteered his shopbot cnc for cutting. Does getting a minidsp and a pair of fs15 sound like a reasonable way to start? I kind of like the idea of being able to swap out or add drivers like legos. Should I just forget about the dsp and run the things in parallel? Is there a better pairing with my massively over powered amp? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.


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Re: First open baffle project.
« Reply #1 on: 23 Dec 2022, 03:21 pm »
The F-15's sound very good running full range as single drivers. Used that way you wouldn't need a miniDSP.