Ripole sw w/Spatial M4's update

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Ripole sw w/Spatial M4's update
« on: 20 Feb 2017, 05:39 pm »
You can read my original post a few posts down. I have made some revisions to this setup. First I am now biamplifying -using a low level connection from my preamp to the Crown subwoofer amplifier- with a 6 db/oct. high pass filter set at 80 hz in my preamp set to go to the main amp., so the a Spatials don't have to deal with low bass. The Crown's low pass filter is set also at 80 hz. This really made a difference in the sound quality and integration, which I did not expect due to my belief that a high level connection is better - due to many years using a Vandersteen  sw. It looks to me that the high level connection with the sw low pass set at 50 was not giving the Ripoles enough bandwidth to really respond and which they have now with a response from 80 hz.

But, a further improvement in integration and bass fluidity came when I positioned the Ripoles at 45 degree angles behind each speaker directed towards the room corners.

Bass became more defined,dynamic and much better integrated again and response seemed to go lower too. It seems that the 45 degree angle optimizes the Ripole interaction with this small room. Very happy with the results.