Feedback from a happy customer

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Feedback from a happy customer
« on: 10 Feb 2016, 06:56 pm »
Unsolicited feedback from a very happy customer. Interesting reference to a sound of EL84 amplifier - something that several people commented about and we wholeheartedly agree.

We are all very grateful that Joe took time to write, and then make follow ups.  :thumb:

I will give you my initial impressions of your little gem. A close friend came by last night who is a total NON audiophile. He has heard dozens of my systems. I had a Paul Desmond LP spinning and he made the comment, "Damn that saxophone sounds real, did you change something". Not an exciting comment, but bear in mind he NEVER comments on the quality of the music playing nor does he have any interest in gear. He has heard the LP many times here before. We enjoyed that LP and went for beers.

I find the bass response on my big woofers to be shockingly good. Mids and highs remind of a well constructed EL84 amp, crisp and clear. The upper frequencies are spooky. The drivers in my big monitors are expensive and revealing to say the least and as I am writing this, I have been listening for three hours with no intent of stopping. Send me your email address so I can send you a pic of my ridiculously simple system. Looks funny to see with such large speakers. I will be updating you as the unit continues to burn in. Your friend. Joe

You are more than welcome to use my ramblings as a review. I am not a newbie and have had many amps in the 5k+ price range so I would like to feel I have a cursory grasp on what sounds good at least to me. I will no longer be spending big dollars when you guys have proven to me that it's simply not needed. I may have several other friends who might be interested in your amp. I will purchase one of your el84 amps down the road as well. I have a soft spot for that tube. Look at the pic and laugh. Talk to you soon. Joe

I thought you would enjoy this. I sold two of my USA made Crown amplifiers on Sunday. Guy came to my apartment and it turns out he and his family own a couple record labels/recording studios and a ton of gear owned by rock legends. He was very familiar with my Bag End studio monitors. I asked him to take a listen to the system. He laughed at the size of the amp. I chose a couple of cd's he was familiar with and within a few minutes his jaw was on the floor. He said he couldn't believe the system resolution or the bass your Spark supplied. I pointed him to your website. Don't know if anything will come of it, but a solid opinion from someone who records artists and has a good ear. Joe


[Feedback on Audiogon] “This is a superb little amp. Don't let the size fool you as it punches way above it's weight class. The bass is tight, tuneful and authoritative even on my 15" woofers. The mids and highs remind me of a high quality el84 tube amp, crisp, clear, extended and fatigue free. The Spark is very well built and is super quiet. Boske has been great to deal with as well. I look forward to working with them again. ”