Deep Purple, a Two-channel Audio System by nathanm

Room Size
System Overview
Visually pleasing color scheme, quiet ambience, bass sounds fairly full, but there is a big hump at 40 and 50Hz. As symmetrical as can be achieved without structural damage. Dedicated for audio! Wooo! This is my "warm sounding" room. Not a very 3D soundstage in here but tonality is very unfatiguing on account of the very mellow upper treble. A little bit of goosed 20KHz at 2 octave bandwidth is necessary to add some sizzle lost with mellow speakers, mellow amp and passive pre driving 40 feet of interconnects which probably causes some input\output impedance mismatch whatchamacallit or so I guess.
Music Preferences
Death, Doom, Thrash, Speed, Grind, Heavy Metal, 70s rock, Dead Can Dance, occasional Folk. Classical\orchestral stuff only if it has balls. Krall, Jones, and their ilk not welcome!
Room Description
I wish the room was deeper, but what can ya do aside from move? Oh well. It's almost square as you can see, but it still is an improvement over the living room. It's quiet in here and I love that!
Digital Source
Sony CDP-XE400
Analog Source
Technics thingy with Shure cart Monolithic PS-1 phono preamp. Nakamichi ZX-9 Cassette Deck (faulty)
Other Sources
Slim Devices Squeezebox 3 via PowerMac G4 MDD
Monolithic PA-1 w\HC-1 power supply
Power Amp
Teac receiver
Tannoy DMT-10 studio monitors
VMPS New Larger (unused)
Speaker Cable
Don't even look at my speaker cables, man; they cost more than the gross domestic product of most countries.
You can look, but don't touch them. You couldn't even afford the insurance on these bad boys, sucker.
Power Cables
You peasants haven't even dreamed of the power cables I own. Kneel before me.
Sennheiser HD600
TNT Flexy-style rack but with curved shelves, black gloss laminate and birch edge banding, Monster power strip furschlugginer
Power Cond
OneAC and a Monster power strip thing
Tuning and Tweaks