Holy Trinity, a Two-channel Audio System by gcos

system now complete
Room Size
System Overview
three systems in one: solid state, hybrid and Tripath amplification. Linked by routers which allow me to switch from one stream to another with ease.
Music Preferences
Smooth Jazz, Classical,Easy Listening
Room Description
has a door with a lock ! entry only by invitation..
Acoustic Treatment
soft furnishings and sisal rug on floor
Media Storage
custom built cd and lp units
Digital Source
Raysonic cd128; Denon DV1930CI (as transport);Squeezebox Duet;Wadia 170i
Analog Source
My 30 yr old Technics SL5100 with Shure V15 iv and Stanton 681EEE cartidges
Signal Processors
Channel Islands VDA2 dac/VAC1 ps
Adcom GFP715 ; Mapletree Line 2A SE tube pre/PS2 ps
Power Amp
Adcom GFA 5500; Emotiva UPA 1(pair) ; Virtue Sensation 901 integrated/JT power supply
Def tech BP10 ; Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1's
Velodyne DLS-R 5000
Speaker Cable
Knukonceptz 8 guage
Zu oxyfuels, Emotiva X series
Power Cables
Zu Birth
Custom built solid mahogany and steel frame
Power Cond
Belkin PF30 x 2
Tuning and Tweaks
Good music
Other Components
Mapletree LR1 3in/3 out line router; Inday DA4x 4 in 1 out digital switch;Mapletree SP1 3 amp/2 speaker custom built switch; Grant Fidelity CD3 tube Buffer