Cornet - basic capacitor question

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Cornet - basic capacitor question
« on: 8 Nov 2003, 10:40 pm »
I'm planning on building the cornet, pretty much stock.
Just wanting to use Orange Drop caps instead of the Xicons on the parts list.  Only a couple problems I can see is that I believe the Orange Drops (715P) are slightly larger than the Xicons.  Looking at some photos, this shouldn't be a problem.  However, I believe the Orange Drops are rated slightly lower for voltage.  For example, the 630 volt Xicon PP ... the Orange Drop would be 600 volt.  250 Volt Xicon .... Equivalent orange drop is 200 volts ..... is the slightly lower voltage ratings for the Orange Drops and issue in the Cornet?



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Cornet - basic capacitor question
« Reply #1 on: 9 Nov 2003, 04:11 am »
No problem with the voltage ratings.  All signal caps can be rated for 200V and be fine.  Only the power supply caps need better specs.  The ratings shown on the schematic merely reflect what is in the stock parts list.

jh :)