Choke loaded Plates on a Cornet

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Choke loaded Plates on a Cornet
« on: 6 Nov 2003, 01:20 am »
It seems everytime I replace a resistor with a choke or transformer the music gets more REAL.  So I was wondering if anyone has experimented with choke loading the plates on a phono stage and would it work in a phono stage.  I would really be interested in the values on the Cornet if it is possible.  I am using Octals and Loctals and remote separate choke loaded power supplies on my Cornet.

Any Information would be great.

Thanks  Tom


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Choke loaded Plates on a Cornet
« Reply #1 on: 6 Nov 2003, 06:35 am »
Yeah, choke loading is a really good thing to do to enhance linearity.  Works the same magic as a constant current source.

It is possible to do with a Cornet.  Just keep in mind the EQ will shift accordingly.  The existing circuit carefully balances the need for the plate load to be both high impedance and low impedance at the same time.  You need high Z for tube linearity.  Low Z for low noise, better controlled EQ, and lower grid current issues in the following stage.  If you look carefully, the plate load resistor is actually quite high, equal to the grid bias, and about the same as the tube Rp (without cathode bypass).  

If you do try it, please let us know what you find out.

jh :)


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choke loading
« Reply #2 on: 7 Nov 2003, 04:49 pm »
Hi Jim:

I am not at the level of understanding with chokes or phono stages to be able to load as you have described.  I was hoping someone, in the know, could start me off in the right direction.

I would report back any information and if it works out maybe you could provide a add on kit for your customers?

Thanks for the help