Best of Both Worlds, a Two-channel Audio System by DonnieW

110" Von Schweikert System - Had to bring the speakers in close to get them to fit in the picture.
Room Size
16' x 14'
System Overview
Double-duty 2-channel and multi-channel setup. The room and system compliment each other and overall I am very pleased. Detail and the ability to extract all the recorded information I can is paramount. The system is entirely digital. I have over 7,000 CD's digitized to a 4TB storage system.
Music Preferences
No preference at all. If its not rock shaking my bones, it's jazz hitting my soul or trance blowing my mind.
Room Description
I designed and built the room myself - from start to finish. While I'm not in the businesses of construction or accoustics, I have extensive practical experience in both. I'm also very picky and know you can't get things built the way you want them unless you pay big $$$.
Acoustic Treatment
Room is dedicated in basement. Double and tripple drywall with green-glue and PL all over. Very heavy damping which resulted in an exceptionally quiet noise floor (I firmly believe if you don't have a dead quiet room you might as well give up - there should be NO noise in your room). Reflections are well under control and always something I'm adjusting. You can see the panels in one of the shots. I made several rigid-fiberglass panels and covered in heavy drape material. These work very well for keeping the room from getting too lively. The room continues to be tweaked and I'm always taking measurements to see how things change.
Listening Impressions
I wouldn't have it if it didn't sound great.
Media Storage
DIGITAL EVERYTHING!! 4TB on-line Storage (roughly 7,000 CD's)
Digital Source
Slim Devices Transporter (Lossless Music Transport) - Rotel RDV-1060 (CD/DVD//DVD-Audio) - Oppo DV-970HD (DVD/SACD/DVD-Audio)
Signal Processors
Anthem AVM 50 (Audio/Video Pre-Processor & Scaler)
Anthem AVM 50
Power Amp
Parasound Halo JC 1 Monoblocks - Anthem MCA 50 5-channel
Von Schweikert VR-4 Gen III SE
SVS PB12-Plus/2 v3
Speaker Cable
(you wouldn't believe me) w/WBT Sandwich Spades (660)
Power Cables
Various (Furutech ends)
Sennheiser HD 650 (open) + HD 250 (closed) / HeadRoom Desktop Amp
Power Cond
Felicia - Belkin Pure AV PF60 Power Console - Belkin Pure AV Home Theater Battery Backup (for projector)
Other Components
[center] Paradigm Reference Studio CC-570 [surrounds] Paradigm Reference Studio ADP-470