Home Office, a Two-channel Audio System by rockadanny

Adam F7 Speakers
Room Size
N/A since listening near-field.
System Overview
Simple home office system intended for low-level background music. However, these speakers are so good that at times I also enjoy for hours at normal volume in lieu of my main rig.
Music Preferences
Jazz, blues, rock, yadda, yadda ... same as in main rig.
Room Description
Home office.
Acoustic Treatment
Listening Impressions
Highly enjoyable.
Media Storage
Some iTunes on iPhone and craptop.
Digital Source
Craptop, mostly spinning CDs, although some iTunes as well.
Power Amp
Internal to speakers, which are active.
Adam F7 (active).
An upgraded Take Five Audio built 3.5mm male out of craptop, splits to two RCA ends which plug into speakers.
Goldring DR-150 directly into craptop used only when other humans are within hearing range of my speakers.
Other Components
When I get some spending money I will get a decent USB DAC (perhaps Schiit Gungir?) and decent USB cable. Until then, this system is very satisfying as is.