SOLD: Rogue Audio Metis Magnum $640

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SOLD: Rogue Audio Metis Magnum $640
« on: 21 Jan 2021, 06:46 pm »
Rogue Audio Metis Magnum for sale. The preamp has a pair of recent reissue tungsol 6SN7 tubes which sound quite nice! The Preamp does have two quirks. It's been modified so that it can be more flexible by the factory. The " fixed" output is no longer a fixed output on this particular preamp, it can be a second variable output for a sub or bi-amping with the big red switch in one position and a home theatre bypass in the other position. The other quirk is that the original remote doesn't work anymore, but will be included so if anyone is handy they can fix it, but I was able to program a cheap aftermarket remote to work the volume control function. The preamp sounds amazing and the tubes I installed should last a long while. Buyer responsible for shipping costs and PayPal fees.

Thank You

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