SOLD Triode TRV-A300SER tube integrated amplifier

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Need to sell my Triode TRV-A300SER, 300B integrated amp. $2200

I purchased this 5 years ago as the center piece in a retirement system after I decided to sell off most of my reference setup when I retired. It just came back from my tech, who gave it a clean bill of health.

I'm the 2nd owner and the amp was used maybe 150 days / year. I have been using tube amps and in particular SET tube amps for over 20 years and to my somewhat surprise, this little gem really impressed me and I have always been more than satisfied with it. It really plays like a modern 300B tube amp, in that it is precise but allows natural realistic saturated tonal shading while allowing most of the details, good tight bass down to 40dB with speakers that do not dip too much below 6 ohm.

Has a great power supply and should mate well with speakers 90dB>
The MM phono stage is good, easily better than Cambridge Audio Azur 640P
Headphone output
3 RCA line inputs
Full suite of NOS Tubes included.

2 stock - TRIODE 300B. 500 hrs (i like these a lot, very good with the precise Siemens or Cleartop) (slightly more bloom than the EML)

Vintage tubes: all of these are 500- 1000 hrs

1 RCA 5AR4 -
1 Sovtek 5AR4 current production

2 12AU7 rca cleartop
2 12AU7 E82CC mullard 1969 labeled for Hammond
2 E82CC Siemens 1986

1 Telefunken ECC83 12AX7
1 Ratheon 12AX7 labeled for Baldwin

I mated this Amp with:
Aurender N100 & Hex Dac via usb
Laptop with JRiver25
Sony SCD300es cd player via toslink
Thorens TD 160 via rca thru mm phonostage of amp
Tekton Lore & Impact speakers.

Here is what I found online when I was researching the amp 5 years ago:

If you never heard of Triode Corporation of Japan audio gear, here is some background;

Triode Corporation was founded by its President Mr. Jun-ichi Yamazaki in Koshigaya Saitama in the year 1994. It started as a small business in his garage with the goal of creating a very high-quality Audio Amplifier products that can be sold worldwide at affordable price, targeting tube lovers that only wants real music and nothing else. After a few years, Triode began to attract attention from all over the world and expanded its lineup of tube electronics that include very high-quality models. Triode has about 20 models of tube amplifiers and are well known for its high-quality sound and reliability. With this goal achieved, in 2014, Jun-ichi Yamazaki ventured to a more sophisticated design of tube electronics brand that not only sound natural and real but using some of the best components available in the market.
Then I read on 2 or 3 blogs that the Triode amps were designed in Japan using high quality Japanese and Euro parts, short signal path hand wiring and that they manufactured in China at the same factory as the highly regarded Line Magnetic tube amps.

1) Tri TRV-A300SE R
This integrated amplifier designed by Junichi Yamazaki of Triode Corporation-Japan (Tri). Using 300B tubes, it produces a modest 8 watts per channel, but it is a magical 8 watts! With delicate and holographic sound conveying a deep, detailed and rich musical character. Lightning quick in response and the ability to deliver minute details in the recording will involve you in the music like never before. The new EI-Orient Core Output transformers create thundering fast bass, dynamics, soundstage, and exceptional detail. All this and it includes an MM phono stage, headphone amp, and remote control too. Just add high efficiency loudspeakers and welcome to audio nirvana!

Maximum output 8W+8W at 6 or 8 Ohms
Output tube 300B Class A Single Ended Triode (SET)
Tube Bias System Self Bias (manual tube bias not required)
Output Impedance 6 Ohm and 8 Ohm binding posts
Critical Parts KOA high precision resistors and Mundorf capacitors
Frequency Response 10Hz-50kHz ±1 dB
Total Distortion <0.3% (1kHz)
SN Level 87dB
Input Sensitivity 0.8V 100kOhm, MM 2.5mV 47kOhm
Inputs MM (RCA) x 1, RCA x 3, & RCA Phono Stage
Outputs TAPE OUT x 1
Tubes 300B x 2, 12AX7 (ECC83) x 1, 12AU7 (ECC82) x 2, 5AR4 x 1
Power consumption 100 watts
Dimensions 340mm W x 195mm H x 315mm D, 13.5" wide x 7.7" high x 12.5" deep
Weight 16kg, 35 pounds
Accessories Tube cover cage, Wooden side panels, Metal remote control, AC power cable.
Shipping Weight 45 pounds

2) If you use a google chrome browser, here is a link to an extensive test and review,
translated to English from the audiophile reviewer fro Poland, Wojciech Pacuła. Has some excellent digital pics.

Here is a link to the integrated amp that replaced the one I have, pretty much the same;

Feel free to ask any questions,
I'm asking top dollar but it really is a great amp.
And with the tubes I'm including, even better.


$75 flat insured 48USA shipping.

Split any PP fee.

See my other adds, need to raise $.

Buy with confidence, 100% feedback for over 20 years on all the sights.

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