Analysis-Plus Silver Oval-In Interconnects 1-meter XLR connectors

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William Crane

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Excellent condition. I love these and am moving up to the SilverApex. These interconnects are a perfect complement to either Silver Oval or Big Silver Oval speaker cables.

Analysis Plus cables are the best sounding and scientifically proven.
Analysis Plus cables are built in the USA and proven by science. We are an engineering company that makes world class cables. We specialize in the use of high-technology packages, and our expertise led us to our hollow oval cable geometry (covered by Patent #6,005,193). Our research, coupled with the highest quality materials, enables us to produce such a great-performing cable at an affordable cost.Constructed of the same material as the Silver Oval, braided into our patented hollow oval geometry, these interconnects are wrapped with an open braided shield for ultra quiet, noise free performance.

These interconnects maintain the high frequency components of your source. Neutrik XLR connectors.
I have two pairs available. The price is for one pair. Please make an offer for both pairs.
MSRP: $962.50/ pair SELL: $459/pair.