SOLD - Triode Wire Labs "Digital American" power cords - two available - SOLD

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SOLD - Just traded in for a pair of "High Power Digital American" power cords, I have TWO, 5 ft. long standard "Digital American" power cords (NEMA 5 - North American standard) available.

Normally $499 + shipping, these two "one-owner mint condition" cords are available for $349 each or best offer, including USPS Priority shipping. Please PM me if interested.

Thank you,

All SOLD - thank you for all the inquiries and sorry for the late notification...

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PM sent :)


Good. Now I can quit trying to think of ways to sell my wife.
That was quick (as usual).


I bought one of these cables from Pete but unfortunately I have to sell it. If anyone is interested in it, please let me know.


mca, you should re-post yours separately... only crazy people like me click on a SOLD ad in the marketplace!  :wink: