Had a question about...

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Had a question about...
« on: 1 Mar 2015, 01:05 am »
Just did and order a few hours ago.  Luvs me some Takman resistors.  Also got some Mills for higher power. Building a Tubelab SE 45 amp. Cardas binding posts and RCA jacks.   

Had a question about

IXYS FRED Rectifier Bridge FBE22-06N1

Is there a receiver that would allow this bridge to be used in a point to point build for a preamp with a little more saftey?   Also is it ok to bend the legs of the stealth diodes to use them in place of a IN5401 diode.


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Re: Had a question about...
« Reply #1 on: 1 Mar 2015, 04:33 am »

Thank you for your order :)

We do not have such a socket, but the leads are very robust on that bridge.  You could run it thru a small piece of perf board, or mount it to a heat sink.  I would tend to use 4x the Stealth 4A/600VDC.  Take a 1" square piece of perf, and drill a mounting hole thru the center.  Mount it on a stand off...  Mount your four diodes along the four sides of the board, and bring your four wires in on the four corners.

And yes, you can spread the leads on the diodes.  Here is a really bad pic I blew up.  I just happen to have it.