Hapa Audio Headphone setup, a Headphone/Desktop System by Pez

System Overview
I’ve had a few requests to update my setup since starting Hapa Audio. I realize that I haven’t updated my stuff in ages despite the fact that a multitude of things have changed. The main thing that has changed is I have drastically changed my listening habits. For one, my main way of listening is via headphones. I find for my work that it is much easier to pick apart the changes to my designs a headphone rig makes a lot easier to hear. Here is the setup as it stands today.
Other Comments
Haiku Pure silver RCA cables PS Audio P5 power regenerator. DIY power cords that are NOT Hapa Audio design QSA red/black label power cable dongle IsoAcoustic footers
Digital Source
I just upgraded to the Holo May DAC with KTE full upgrade.
Power Amp
Heavily modified iCan Pro from iFi. I have upgraded it to have an R-core based linear power supply as well as a ton of internal upgrade to wiring and parts including Penta 5670 tubes, pure silver wiring, drastically upgraded connectors etc.
Meze Elite using pure silver KnØt headphone cables Meze Liric also pure silver KnØt headphone cables