Krusty's Headphone System, a Headphone/Desktop System by krustykat

Headphone System
System Overview
Near my main desktop computer, used while working. Ultra Rendu running Roon endpoint into Border Patrol SE-i DAC. Woo Audio WA-5 LE into Sennheiser HD-800 or Audeze LCD-XC headphones.
Music Preferences
Rock, Jazz, Acoustic
Listening Impressions
The system is very tunable based upon the types of tubes you use in the amplifier, from precise to romantic. Fun to play with.
Digital Source
Sonore Ultra Rendu powered by Uptone LPS-1 Ultracap
Border Patrol SE-i DAC
Power Amp
Woo Audio WA-5 LE, CBS 6952, Takatsuki 300b, PSVane Acme 274B
Audeze LCD-XC, Sennheiser HD-800, Focal Elear
Tuning and Tweaks
Sumnacon Heavy Duty Floor Door Stopper (keeps UltraRendu and LPS-1 in place). Herbies Tenderfeet.