Main system, a Two-channel Audio System by Early B.

Room Size
13' x 20' x 8'
System Overview
Designed with power in mind Mod everything Bigger is better Buy from the small guy
Music Preferences
acoustic, jazz vocals, folk
Room Description
Judge's paneling on all four walls with bamboo wood floors
Listening Impressions
Sounds like music to my ears
Digital Source
Denafrips Avatar Transport; Denafrips Terra Master Clock; Denafrips Venus II DAC
Don Sachs Model 2 preamp; Schiit Saga S preamp (for running the subs)
Power Amp
VTV Purifi Dual Mono Amplifier with Sparkos SS2590 Pro opamps
AudioKinesis Azel monitors with beryllium compression drivers and Late Ceiling Splash speakers
Two GR Research OB Servo subs each with dual 12" woofers with modded A370 amps up front; a third dual OB servo sub in the front with HX300 amp
Speaker Cable
GR Research B24 speaker cables
Hapa Audio Ember XLR (1.5m), Hapa Audio RCA (2M), Tubulus Argento HDMI (I2S) cable (0.5M), and Hapa Audio Aero BNC cable (1M), Hapa Audio Quiescence Copper 1M with KLE Absolute Plugs, Hapa Audio Quiescence Silver 2M with KLE Absolute Plugs
Power Cables
GR Research B24 & B16 power cords; Wywires Platinum 20-amp power cord with Furutech FI-50 NCF (R) connector
DIY 3-shelf audio rack made with 18"x48" acacia wood
Power Cond
Puritan Audio PSM156 power conditioner
Tuning and Tweaks
Furutech GTX-D Rhodium wall outlet